Basement Renovation


​Our professional team provides exclusive services developed to provide our potential customers with a free quote, as well as a detailed 3D floor plan of the basement with all the measurements. The unfinished basement space is measured, analyzed and several floor plan options are presented based on all the needs and requirements expressed by the customer. All the details regarding basement finishes are presented, discussed and after our customer had the chance to choose them, accounted for and added to the quote.

Commercial Renovation


We provide exclusive management services for the entire process of commercial space renovation. This includes working with engineers and designers in the planning stage and completing all the requirements in the renovation stage. Bringing to life all the desires of the client and the designer, while complying with the requirements of engineers and city inspectors. Customer satisfaction is a priority for our team and we strive for perfection with every project.

Home Renovation


Our professional team provides exclusive services of total home renovations and is able to manage these projects through all phases of planning, permit application, demolition, interior and exterior renovation and final inspection. We can also provide homeowners with free quotes for different parts of an existing project.  

Custom Home Construction


We provide exclusive management services for the entire process of custom home construction. This includes working with architects, engineers and designers on creating a unique home that would fit all the requirements and desires of the future homeowner. We provide various quotes for every part of the construction period, manage different trades and make sure that all city inspections are successfully completed and all deadlines are met. Customer satisfaction and a creation of a beautiful custom home is a priority for our team.